ZNETShows Partner Challenge

partner challenge stash

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to participate in a partner challenge using products from ZNETShows.  I jumped at that chance right away!  I have followed ZNETShows for a few months now and I have seen lots of artists creating beautiful pieces of jewelry using their Cultured Sea Glass.

This chance was even better!  My partner in this challenge, Michelle,  and I were given an extensive list of gorgeous items from which to choose to send to the other person.   Our theme is the BEACH!  I quickly emailed Michelle to find out what she liked about the beach since I have never met her.  Hello Michelle!  I told her I loved the colors in the sunset.  A few days later, I received a package in the mail containing the sunset from ZNETShows.  I received Cultured Sea Glass Round Beads, silver metal disks, teardrop shaped glass pearls in a lovely champagne color, Chinese crystals in a vibrant orange, orange jasper ovals and strands of aqua-terra shaped jasper nuggets, and cystals in shades of sea foam and other shades of green.  As Anne of Green Gables would say,”Such scope for the imagination!”

Of course, my first piece had to be the sunset.  My local bead store provided the chain.  I wire wrapped the some of the orange jasper on the center of the chain and used some of the more golden crystals to create the effect of the sun sinking into the ocean.  The Cultured Sea Glass finished my sunset on the beach.

sunset beach

I am not the best photographer.  But I like this view of the necklace the best.

sunset beach 2

What to do next?  I love working with pearls and these glass pearls are so nice.  Champagne is a beautiful color.  It made me think of pirates burying their treasure on a tropical island.  I added some more of those multi-colored crystals–so very versatile–using odd counts of pearls and crystals.  I wanted to save some of the crystals and pearls for a future project but I wanted length, too.  So I added some Greek leather cord and tied a couple of sliding knots.  Okay maybe this is my favorite piece!

beach treasure

beach treasure 2








I really wanted to use the chunky aqua-terra jasper but I was having a difficult time.  The shape and color is so much fun, but I am not used to working with that size bead.  My instinct was to create a choker length chunky, sparkly piece–Bedrock Beach!  Fun!


bedrock beach

The picture makes the necklace look longer than it is.  It measures about 16 inches.  Again, my photo does not show how cute this looks on someone.  Would you like to try it on?

The last piece I made is my FAVORITE!  (You’ve heard that before from me?)  Those cultured sea glass rounds in that delicate shade of green just were calling out to be made into a bracelet.  I love the leather wrap bracelets and I had an idea of using macrame but I didn’t have the right bead–until now!  I found the S-Lon in orange–made me think of the sea and the sunset at the beach– and a button from my stash and a length of Greek leather in a sandy shade and started playing.  This took the most time and I still have some bugs to work out with the clasp but I am thrilled with the result.

glass in the net

Thanks ZNETShows for allowing me to play!  I can’t wait for the next challenge!  Follow ZNETShows on facebook.

14 thoughts on “ZNETShows Partner Challenge

  1. Lee Anne says:

    Great post Sandra! Love all the pieces and I think I like the bracelet best too.. It is Fabulous!

  2. Michelle says:

    I agree.. the last piece is my fav too.. I love those colors together. Have a great weekend.

  3. suzanne says:

    I absolutely love all of them .

  4. All of your designs are pretty – my fave is the first necklace – very creative!

  5. CraftyHope says:

    You made some really beautiful pieces. I’m in awe of the way you combined the colors for such a stunning effect. Lovely!

  6. Good job Sandra. I like all of your designs. My favorite is the adjustable length pearls.

  7. B.R.Kuhlman says:

    Your designs are so beautiful! I especially love that first necklace. The cool greens offset those orange and red tones really well.

  8. Well, I can see how each one is your favorite… LOVE all of your pieces. I would wear any of them…soooo pretty and elegant.

  9. Cherrie Fick says:

    Love the bottom bracelet. It works very well together.

  10. I have to agree with Michelle and Lee Anne, the bracelet is my favorite, too! Great job on a fun challenge.

  11. christine says:

    Your pieces are lovely!! They’re all so unique and beachy!!

  12. Andrea Trank says:

    The bracelet is fabulous. But I also love the way you put the reddish orange just in the middle as a pop piece with your green. Great work.

  13. Kay says:

    Love that pop of color in the first necklace. And your macramé bracelet is gorgeous. Very nice job with your beads.

  14. Gina Hockett says:

    What an awesome selection of sunset beach jewelry you made! I love the first necklace, although I would wear all of them to the beach or out on the town. The bracelet is awesome! Great job! Gina H

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