Summer Days and Nights

Summer days drifting away

to, uh oh, those su-ummer nights….

If you ever saw Grease you know you’re singing along with me now.  Hopefully YOU are in tune!

It’s time for another ZNetShows challenge and this one was possibly the best yet.  This time around designers got to choose a couple of colors from the array of cultured sea glass in the ZNetShows catalog.  Take a look at all the different choices and you will understand why I had such difficult time selecting only two!  Red, amber, black, green….  I finally focused on the other part of the challenge– to create two different summery looks, one for day and one for evening and finally narrowed my choice down to tangerine and a lovely shade of pacific blue. And I waited to see what kinds of surprises were in store for me.

Here’s a peak at the treasures I got.

Summer challenge Before

I could not wait to get started.  I have so many lovely beads with which to play!


In this challenge I had four looks to create, two for day and two for night.  The purple barrels were a natural choice for me for an evening look, but I wanted to see what I could do first with the tangerine and the blue.

Summer Days

Digging into my stash of beads, I found some turquoise colored African glass seed beads and some seed beads in complementary colors.  My beading buddy, Susan, had given me a lovely, large jasper pendant stone in shades of blues and oranges and  a round orange agate.  From the ZNetShows beads I used the tangerine bottle-lip beads and some of the rondelles.  This necklace almost made itself.

Day look Tangerine Full view

This necklace has an island feel to me.  I could just see this done in bone and shell, but using the tangerine glass (instead of teeth! lol) creates a cute look perfect to be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or even with dressier office wear.  The clasp is a simple hook, made by me, but this piece is long enough to go over your head without unhooking it.  This was my favorite look until….

I picked up the blue beads I got from ZNetShows.  I started playing with some of the beads that are free-form.  I noticed that some were drilled at the top and the bottom and some were just drilled at the top.  I started wiring them together and created a focal for my next daytime look.  I made a necklace using the barrel beads and bone spacers.  As usual I made my own clasp.  Go ahead.  Take a look.  See why it’s my favorite.

Day Set Pacific Blue and Turquoise Bay

The matching earrings use the squares hung vertically.  The picture hides a twist in the wire to give it a little extra interest.

Summer Nights

After I finished the necklace and earrings in the Pacific Blue colors I was almost out of blue beads–not enough to create a full evening look so those purple barrels kept drawing my eye.

I once again searched through my bead stash and found some lovely champagne and amethyst colored crystal faceted rondelles.  This was a sea-glass challenge but ZNetShows has some Chinese crystals in gorgeous colors, too, including champagne!  I made a bar style focal mixing the purple barrels, a couple of vintage amethyst rounds and a rough cut natural crystal in that same shade of gold.

For me, an evening look requires a little sparkle–okay, a LOT of sparkle. Adding the crystals to the matte purple barrels elevated the piece into something perfect for an elegant soiree.  Does anyone have Angelina Jolie’s number?

Evening Look Amethyst


The evening look in tangerine was probably the most difficult to make.  I knew I wanted to add crystals to the pebbles to add glamor and glitz, but I couldn’t find a focal that did those beads justice.  I had some large Chinese crystal nuggets and hexagons so I started playing with combinations before settling on making another bar-shaped focal.  For the necklace I used the pebbles like pearls, finishing out with tangerine rondelles.  This look demands that little black dress where the necklace makes the statement!  Here in the South during summer you will often hear the question “Is it hot enough for you?”  Take a look at my Tangerine Dream  and answer that question!

Evening Look Tangerine


What a fun challenge this turned out to be.  I cannot wait for the next one!  Please let me know in the comments which piece was your favorite.


Please check out the summer edition of Creative Spark, the online magazine that features the creations of all the members of the ZNetShows Design Team.  (I’m on page 42!)  There are some gorgeous creations in this magazine that have already “sparked” my imagination.


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